Our Team

Patrick J. Grace Sr.

Patrick J. Grace Sr.

Managing Director

Introducing Patrick Grace Sr.: Guiding Force and Founder of Executive Problem Solvers (EPS)

At the helm of Executive Problem Solvers (EPS) stands Patrick, a visionary leader and the founder of our collective. With an illustrious background, Patrick’s journey has been one of impact and service, spanning the realms of corporate excellence and profound contributions to the non-profit sector.

Patrick’s most recent chapter spans five years in the non-profit domain, a journey that began after his retirement from UPS in 2018. Post his tenure at UPS, Patrick embraced his role as the Executive Director for LTA (Leadership Through Athletics), an organization dedicated to strengthening the Lansdowne Community for nearly two decades. Serving this non-profit commitment, Patrick’s steadfast devotion was palpable as he not only led LTA but co-founded and served on the Board of Directors since 2004.

Before catalyzing the inception of EPS, Patrick’s career spanned a remarkable 42 years at UPS, where his tenacity and leadership shone as he held directorial positions in Operations across the Mid-Atlantic Region from 1990 to 2000. Transitioning to the UPS Corporate office in 2001, he ascended to the role of Global Program Director for the Hewlett Packard Account within the UPS Supply Chain Solutions Group. Later, in 2006, Patrick’s role expanded to lead the Corporate Customer Solutions Group, where his team expertly managed the affairs of 42 prominent Supply Chain Customers.

Amidst these corporate triumphs, Patrick’s heart remained rooted in community service, igniting his passionate journey with LTA. As he embraces new horizons, Patrick plans to relinquish his role as the LTA Executive Director by the close of 2022. This decision marks a pivotal moment as he embraces a change of pace, ready to dedicate 4-5 months annually to travel between Sarasota, Florida, and Maryland. His fervor to continue aiding local seniors and empowering small business groups along the East Coast propels this new endeavor.

While Patrick fondly recalls his decades at UPS as profoundly rewarding, it’s his years at LTA that he considers life-altering—a journey characterized by emotion, challenge, and the indelible satisfaction of giving back to his community.

As he charts this new course, Patrick envisions a life enriched by varied experiences, fueled by his fervent desire to be in the arena, addressing diverse challenges, and providing unwavering support to seniors and small business owners—a testament to his unyielding commitment to fostering a better world.

Stephanie A. Apostolou

Stephanie A. Apostolou

Consulting and Executive Travel Companion Service Director

Meet Stephanie: Director of our Travel Companion Service Division (EPS) and an Esteemed Founder

Stephanie takes the helm as the Director of our Travel Escort Service Division (EPS), standing as one of the pioneering members who laid the foundation of our company. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades as a small business owner, Stephanie’s expertise has been rooted in the realms of Hospitality, Food, and Catering. Her journey now leads her to guide and lead our Senior Division at EPS.

Her journey through life has been a symphony of teaching, crafting delectable cuisines, spreading joy, and crafting lasting memories for her clientele. Stephanie’s passion, spanning over 40 years, is driven by the art of making people happy, and her boundless enthusiasm has continuously fueled her remarkable path.

Stephanie reflects, “The driving force behind my journey has always been the joy of teaching, the delight of culinary creation, and the satisfaction of crafting lifelong memories for my cherished patrons. A journey fueled by passion and driven by the dream of doing what I love while fulfilling the needs of others has been the pinnacle of my aspirations.”

“Joining the Executive Problem Solvers family allows me to embark on a slightly slower pace, all the while channeling my fervor for aiding others and sharing my wealth of small business skills. It’s an exhilarating chapter in my journey.”

Described as dynamic, talented, and characterized by an irresistible charisma, Stephanie’s vibrant personality promises to be an asset to our team. Patrick Grace Sr., founder and Managing Director, expressed his thoughts, saying, “Stephanie’s fervor is infectious, and her remarkable personality will greatly enrich our group. Her wealth of experience in leading our seniors through the realm of travel space will undoubtedly elevate our company.”

Stephanie’s story is one of dedication, enthusiasm, and a lifelong commitment to spreading happiness and creating cherished moments. As she steps into this new role, her experience and passion are poised to guide us toward greater horizons, embracing the spirit of camaraderie and empathy that defines EPS.

Brandon Kostinsky

Brandon Kostinsky

Consulting and Project Management Services Director

Meet Brandon: A Visionary Business Leader with Over 15 Years of Excellence

Brandon stands as a dedicated business owner and seasoned entrepreneur, backed by a remarkable journey of more than 15 years in the realm of business and management. His unwavering focus revolves around creating innovative business start-ups that significantly transform the way individuals live, work, and find their joy.

His journey began with feet on the ground, venturing into the dynamic world of the restaurant business. However, Brandon’s passion and drive propelled him forward, resulting in exponential growth and establishing him as a true business luminary. Over the years, his ventures have extended into a tapestry of successful companies spanning diverse domains, from pioneering 3D Printing Services to pioneering ventures in Office Space management and real estate.

“The repertoire of skills Brandon brings to the table is not only expansive but also remarkably robust. He commences each day with boundless energy and fervor, a testament to his unwavering passion. His prowess in technology, coupled with an unyielding work ethic and analytical acumen, is truly impressive,” lauded Patrick Grace, founder and Managing Director.

Patrick continued, “For EPS to truly make a meaningful impact on our seniors and small business community, we require an indomitable and skilled back office. Brandon furnishes us with precisely that, delivering a skill set that transcends expectations.”

The journey Brandon undertakes is more than just business; it’s about infusing enthusiasm into his work, making every step enjoyable. The orchestration of a successful business relies heavily on the talent infused throughout its veins, and Brandon is undoubtedly a driving force propelling excellence.

In the narrative of this project’s evolution, Brandon is the catalyst that transforms work into play, making each endeavor not just productive but also immensely enjoyable. Brandon’s adeptness and zeal are integral to the success story we’re weaving, underscoring the significance of having exceptional talents throughout every facet of a remarkable organization.