“Pat Came in – Understood my need, my vision, my taste and most importantly – My budget – And he delivered – Actually exceeded my expectations – My Garage looks amazing – I focused on my work and my kids – he did the rest.”
Kelsey G.

“My business was getting plenty of new opportunities, but it never seems like I had the time to focus on improving the business and profitability. I was working 60 hours a week. Patrick taught me to focus on several key performance metrics and then we identified top 3 areas to improve my processes; Results were amazing…….Patrick taught me how to LEAD my business……. Before my business was running me into the ground………. Now I understand the importance of working smarter, NOT HARDER”

Sanjor L.

“I have been in business for myself my entire life. I have learned how to work hard and make things happen and yes make money… But I also learned that you can always improve by circling yourself with talented people. I met Patrick through a friend over 2 years ago – We have worked closely on several of my projects, and he has taught me a tremendous amount about working smarter, not harder – But the biggest take away consistently, has been to always solve problems through process improvements & technology improvements – That improves Margins……. Most People try to work hard and longer hours – that never fixes anything.”

Alex K.

“Called my vendor for 2 months to get my money back for a rental that was canceled. I was not very comfortable with confrontational issues, so my close friend recommended I call EPS…. Wow-Had low expectation but Patrick was able to get my full refund back. His fees were fair, and he is very good at what he does.”


Cathie S.

“The team came with an approach I never thought about – I explained my mom was looking for a new Toyota – She had an accident with her 8-year-old car and I wanted better safety equipment (Airbags). Pat worked with us to find the exactly car, price and safety features we wanted. Once we identified the car, we put $500 down – All paperwork was completed on line…… We drove down and 45 minute later we were driving home with the car……….Now that is out of the box thinking……….And the fee we paid was more than covered on the saving Patrick found in the deal….I will recommending him to my friends……I hate negotiating but more importantly, I hate wasting 6-7 hours trying to find the new car.”

Suzie Q.

“Stef is amazing – She has helped me plan several important events over the last 4 years – But this last week was the best – She is a true artist with her food, cooking and PEOPLE skills. I give her my vision and I give her the all the freedom…….she always make me look like a super host. Steff continues to exceed my expectations and she always keep my budget in line…….I consider you my own 5-star Chef – Thanks for all your help again – I am amazed how skilled and effortless you make it look – Wonderful again”…….. My guests still love you – See you next year.”


Elizabeth L.